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Enrolment Instructions 

  1. Download “iclasspro” app.

  2. Submit business name “dgswim”.

  3. Select “Create an Account”.

  4. Submit “email address”.

  5. Submit “Responsible Parties” (Parent details).

  6. Select “Yes”  (send me emergency notifications).

  7. Select “Receive Texts”.

  8. Read Policies select “I Accept”. 

  9. Select “Booking” (bottom of page).

  10. Select “Find a Class”.

  11. Select “Add New Student” (do not select “see classes”).

  12. Submit “Student Details”.

  13. For additional students select “Add New Student” again. 

  14. Select the “back arrow”.

  15. Select “Account” (at bottom of page).

  16. Scroll down and select “Payment Info”.

  17. Submit "Payment Info".


Note, do not try to connect your account to a class. Admin will complete this step.


Once account is set up (completed steps 1-17) pls text us to confirm. ph 0431216932


Note re conditions, our policies are in the app but important ones to note are; 

  1. Payments are weekly in advance paid Friday.

  2. Open public and school holidays

  3. No makeups/ unless in squads

  4. No refunds

  5. Resignations require two weeks notice (two payments) via text. 

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