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Learn to swim (Levels 1-4)

For children four years and older. Basic skills are taught to develop elementary freestyle and backstroke


Swim Stroke Correction (Levels 5-7)

Develops and refines the four competitive swimming strokes in levels 5,6 and 7. Our ‘DISTANCE WEEK’ allows swimmers as young as four and five to swim distances up to one kilometre.  In these levels all pupils are competent swimmers and their strokes are developed in readiness for school carnivals, nippers and entry into squad training.


Swim Squad (Comp / fitness) 

Damien Gulliver Swim School caters for all levels of swimming.  Squad training consists of sessions designed to suit recreational fitness/competition swimmers and surf lifesavers.


Adult Swimming 

We offer programs from learn to swim/ stroke correction through to fitness/squads.  Our group sessions offer a great motivating social atmosphere.  All ages and levels are welcome.


Holiday Swim Intensive

This provides pupils and the greater community opportunity to attend a program that is designed to provide the greatest short-term improvement possible.  Damien offers this program at a fraction of the usual rate in order to make his services accessible to the local community.


Winter Run/cross-training 

Damien offers this free to all swimmers in the program. Pupils engage in beep tests, short/long distance running and team games to promote holistic (physical, social, metal, emotional) development.


Surf Safety/Ocean Confidence Program

This unique initiative of Damien’s, teaches participants the very basic entrance level safety techniques that pupils need to master.  Damien provides a safe, gentle environment and the knowledge tools to allow all pupils to move forward confidently at their own pace.

Private Swim /Surf Safety Lessons

This premium service provides opportunity for pupils to have a one on one lesson with Damien. This suits pupils/families that are either time poor and can't fit into the group lessons schedule, reside away from the Gold Coast or require a private discreet environment for learning.

This service offers a travel-to option where Damien can commute to the client.

The Swim School for “Nippers” and Surf Safety

Many of Damien’s swim clients attend lessons with Damien to fast-track swimming improvement and others attend to improve swimming for surf safety or surf-racing competitions.  Damien recognizes this and as part of his swim program focuses on developing freestyle techniques for ocean swimming and surfboard paddling. 

Damien has an extensive history designing and managing multi-level surf safety and race-training programs for clubs and businesses.  Having a strong background and connection to the ocean and surf lifesaving along with being third generation aquatic (swim and surf) coach gives Damien the advantage of being able to offer unique swim programs for pupils involved in surf sports.

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All Videos

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Vid: 2018,  swimmers at DG Swim School practicing technique used for swimming out under waves 
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