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DGSWIM Announcements

To ensure we can give your child and others attending the best service available please can you observe the following requests


1.  Please refrain from talking to the coach during the lesson/sessions 

Whilst we respect a need for communication at times it has the potential to interrupt a class especially if conversations are long.

If there is a need to tell the coach something urgent please keep it to a minimum and wait until the warm up phase (start of each class) has commenced.  Alternatively feel free to contact us via phone, text or in person outside of coaching hours.


2. Please refrain from coaching your child whist your child is participating in a lesson/session.

Whilst we respect that parents are only trying to assist this behaviour has the potential to confuse the child and interrupt the class and other pupils. 



3. We require TWO weeks notice to put your debit on hold/resignations.

Please be advised that resignations or putting hold on debit accounts require TWO weeks notice as per T&Cs (last amended 01/01/2020).  This time frame is designed to allow DGSWIM suitable time to fill your spot and turn off your debit.



Damien Gulliver 

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