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Hi Parents,


Please be advised of changes to the following classes, 


  • Thursday 340 

  • Thursday 410


Previously when these classes were smaller I saw the benefit in blending these classes at the change over time to incorporate/motivate competitive/social aspects.  This was working well,  however the classes have grown to a point where it is no longer functional and from next week please observe the following changes.


340 Class will now finish at 420 (40 minute class)

This class will be split in half with Paulo and Damien focusing on each half.

Damien will cross-over both classes swapping with Paulo at appropriate times.


410 class will now start at 420 and finish at 510 (50 minute class) to be coached by Damien. 

These children will then be invited to stay and swim with the squad after their class, if they feel up to it. 


Also I wish to advise parents that if you are receiving this email your child is now using flippers in each lesson.  Flippers are used to fast-track technical development. If children do not have flippers it not only impacts their development but also affects our ability to deliver the class effectively.  Please ensure your child has a set at the next lesson. If you were not previously aware of this please except my apologies.


Flippers can be purchased from the following


Pls confirm you have received this message.


Kind Regards



Damien Gulliver m-0431216932

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