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Damien has an extensive history designing surf safety programs for a number of Australia’s leading surf lifesaving clubs.  He is considered an authority in the area of junior surf safety.  At DGSWIM we now offer independent surf safety ocean preparation programs. 

These programs are specifically designed to fast-track entrance level development.  At completion each member will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to safely and confidently engage in recreational surf activities.

​​Due to Damien's unique background designing successful programs for both swimming and surf industries, DGSWIM is considered the go-to program for nippers/surf kids. 

All swimming lessons at the DGSWIM work in direct conjunction with Nippers (junior surf lifesaving programs). 




At DGSWIM we regognise that pupils often attend our surf safety courses with intention to learn to surf at a later date. We offer learn to surf programs for children 8-14 years to compliment this progression.

For further information enquire with in. 

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